Summary Of Upgradation Of School Teachers in Punjab In Budget 2022-17 Announced

Punjab Up-Gradation Pay Scales Of School Teachers In Budget 2022-17

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab Government of Punjab regarding Summary of Up gradation of School Teachers in Punjab vide letter No. AO(A-II)1-344/2022 dated 31-05-2022.School Education Department has been please to (award the summary of Up-Gradation of pay scales School cadre teaching staff to the worthy Chief Minister Punjab.

Government of the Punjab. with the request to Up-Grade above said staff in upcoming financial year 2022-17, 1 is furthermore stated that all coder formalities and gourd work have been completed, at budget estimates are addressed with France Department for following Up-Gradations of pay scales Existing Pay Scales Requested/Up-Gradation Pay Scales PSTs ESTs SSTs PSTs ESTs SSTs BS 09 BS 141 8S:16 BS 14 BS 16 85:17

Pakistan Federal Budget 2022-16 in English Updates

Existing Pay Scales Revised Pay Scales
BPS-09 BPS-14 BPS-16 BPS-14 BPS-16 BPS-17

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