Punjab University Lahore BA/BSC Part 2 Statistics Guess Paper 2022 Download

Punjab University Lahore BA/BSC Part 2 Statistics Guess Paper 2022

Punjab University has going to take the BA/BSC part 2 exams 2022.Now here at this page we are going to share Paper pattern of statistics so that all students who are worry about this they must check this Paper pattern so that you can good marks to prepare your exams 2022


Sampling and Sampling Distribution (Weight 2/10)

Sampling designs of Simple random, Stratified random, Systematic random and Cluster sampling, Judgment and Quota Sampling. Random Numbers and their use in sampling. Advantages of sampling. Probability and non-probability sampling, sampling and non-sampling errors, Calculation of sample mean, proportion and variance of simple random samples and stratified random samples. Sampling distribution of a statistic and its standard error. Sampling Distribution of mean, proportion, difference between two proportions and two means. Central limit theorem with illustration (Proof not required).

Statistical Inference (Weight 2/10)

Nature of statistical inference, point and interval estimation of parameter, properties of a good point estimator, confidence interval and its interpretation. Null and alternative hypotheses, simple and composite hypotheses. Type / and Type II errors. Level of significance. P-value and power of a test (only concept and definition), Acceptance and rejection regions, one sided and two sided tests, test procedure. Inference about single mean and difference between means for paired and un-paired observations. Inference about proportion and difference between two proportions. Determination of sample size. (Application of Normal distribution and t-distribution).


Inference About Variance (Weight 1/10)

Introduction and application of Chi-square distribution: Interval estimation and test of hypothesis about population variance (Interval estimation for variance – single sample). Introduction and application of F-distribution: test of hypothesis for equality of two variance


Analysis of Count Data (Weight 1/10)

Chi-square test of Independence, Chi square test of goodness of fit, Chi- square test of homogeneity

Regression and Correlation Analysis (Weight 2/10)

Multiple linear regression with two regressors, coefficient of multiple determination. Partial and multiple correlation up to three variables. Inference of simple correlation and regression, partial and multiple correlation. Interval estimates and tests of hypothesis about parameters, mean prediction and individual prediction

Analysis of Variance (Weight 1/10)

Analysis of variance for one-way classification and two-way classification. Multiple comparison tests; Least significant difference and Duncans multiple range test.

Basic Experimental Designs (Weight 1/10)

Basic principles of experimental design. Completely randomized, Randomized Complete Block and Latin Square Designs, Descriptions, layouts, statistical analysis, advantages and limitations of these designs. Application of these designs (Analysis of all these designs with single observation in each cell).



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