PTI Imran Khan Jalsa in Larkana 21 November 2022 Live Streaming

PTI Imran Khan Jalsa in Larkana 21 November 2014 Live Streaming

Imran khan is the well known cricketer who used to play for Pakistan as well as the founder of the most popular cancer research hospital, Shaukat Khanam. Has has also come in the field of politics recently. He founded his own political party back in 1996 and named it as Pakistan Tehreek – e – insaaf (PTI). There are so many fans of Imran Khan who have been supporting his political party, especially the youth of Pakistan. This shows their love for Imran Khan. Recently, Imran Khan came out on the roads with his supporters as the protest against the rigging in the elections 2014.

This has been named as azadi march Imran Khan. The only demand of Imran Khan and his supporters in this protest is re – elections or the resignation of the current prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef. This protest of azadi march Imran Khan has been happening in Islamabad near red zone and it’s been a month now that the supporters of PT are demanding for the resignation of Nawaz Shareef.

These supporters of Imran Khan have been supporting them amazingly that they actually would not move from there without taking the resignation of Nawaz Shareef at any cost.

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