PMDC National MDCAT Syllabus 2023 (PDF Download)

Are you Looking for NMDCAT Syllabus 2023? Yes, you are at the right place, here is the PMDC National MDCAT  Syllabus 2023 (PDF Download) With a PDF file. You can also download the PDF file of the official syllabus. This is totally free of cost.

Every NMDCAT Aspirant must download the complete National MDCAT 2023 syllabus PDF. This will clear you about the importance of the topic, Marks distribution, and pattern for the National MDCAT 2023.

There are some changes in the National MDCAT and The Pakistan Medical Council Announcement of the year are:

  • National MDCAT Total marks will be 200
  • No Negative marking
  • The syllabus will be the same for all provinces
  • You can apply to almost 150 Medical colleges, the base of this test
  • Pakistan Medical Council Will Approve this syllabus.
  • Minimum marks in F.Sc are 70%
  • Aspirants secure a minimum of 60% Marks in NMDCAT.
  • Eligibility criteria for admission are a minimum of 70% aggregate marks in the test.

National MDCAT Syllabus 2023 (Latest Information)

So here is the National MDCAT Syllabus 2023 According to the Pakistan Medical Council, it will guide you step by step on how to download NMDCAT syllabus PDF File. Before Download I want to give a Brief introduction to the National MDCAT PMC Syllabus.

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National MDCAT PMC MCQs Distributions

Here are the NMDCAT MCQs distributions according to Subjects. PMC Syllabus contains 40% Biology Portion, 30% chemistry portion, 20% Physics Portion, 10% English Portion and only 1% Logical Reasoning. National MDCAT Syllabus 2023 marks distribution is as follows.

  1. Total National MDCAT Exam MCQS is 210.
  2. Biology portion 68 MCQs
  3. Chemistry portion 56 MCQs
  4. Physics portion 56 MCQs
  5. English portion 20 MCQs
  6. Logical reasoning portion 10 MCQs

Try to cover all topics of these five subjects as per PMC syllabus 2023. Biology Topics are very important as some topics are from Punjab text board books and some are from federal Text Board books. To cover complete syllabus a student must have prepared from both books(federal and Punjab text board books).

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Biology NMDCAT PMC Syllabus 2023

This is the most important subject defined in the PMC national MDCAT syllabus. It contains 32% marks, which is the maximum weightage out of all. Students would attempt 68 MCQs to answer. This part must be prepared well. Students who lack the preparation for biology lead to failure as it covers the maximum part of the exam. You should attempt thoroughly each question and answer those whose answers you don’t know. The wrong attempt won’t cost you anything.

  1. The Cell
  2. Biological Molecule
  3. Chromosomes and DNA
  4. Cell Division
  5. Variety of Life
  6. Bioenergetics
  7. Gas Exchange
  8. Transport in Plants
  9. Transport in Human
  10. Immunity
  11. Homeostasis
  12. Muscles and Movement
  13. Communication
  14. Reproduction
  15. Genetics
  16. Biotechnology
  17. Evolution

PMC Syllabus For Chemistry 2023

56 of of the 220 MCQs on the National MDCAT Syllabus, or 26.5 percent, are from Physics. Get a practice test and sample test here for the National MDCAT Entry Test. The MDCAT Guide additionally offers a Chemistry MCQs Bank that was created in accordance with the 2023 syllabus for practice.

Download PMC Chemistry Syllabus 2023

The most effective method for covering Chemistry Syllabus topics is. Print the syllabus files after downloading them. Mark all of the textbook topics (Get Chemistry books of Federal Board and Punjab Board). Prepare all topics in accordance with the syllabus before tackling the MCQ bank by topic or by chapter.

Physics National MDCAT Syllabus

Physics makes up 26.5 percent of the National MDCAT Syllabus. There are 56 MCQs from the physics section that students must answer. You may obtain the whole preparation guide for the National MDCAT Entry Test 2023 here along with the Physics MDCAT Syllabus 2023.
For the purpose of preparing for the National MDCAT Test, the Physics MCQs Bank is created. Only 13 topics were included for the national MDCAT syllabus this year. Also included in the syllabus is a breakdown of the topic-specific MCQs.

  1. Force and motion
  2. Work and energy
  3. Rotational and circular motion
  4. Waves
  5. Thermodynamics
  6. Electrostatics
  7. Current electricity
  8. Electromagnetism
  9. Electromagnetic induction
  10. Electronics
  11. Dawn of modern physics
  12. Atomic spectra
  13. Nuclear physics

English NMDCAT 2023 Syllabus

For higher education, the English language is essential. According to the national MDCAT syllabus, the subject accounts for 10% of the national MDCAT’s overall score. According to the PMC MDCAT syllabus, you will need to attempt 20 multiple-choice questions on synonyms, antonyms, sentence structure, sentence completion, and other topics. Prepare it concurrently with the main courses, acquire practice from previous exams, and it will be simple for you to complete. As you are aware, there is no negative marking for this question in the national MDCAT syllabus.
To design the test specifications
To design, select, and arrange test task items
Objective Benchmark Contents
Use one or more of the following strategies to determine the meaning of key vocabulary:
1.1 contextual clues and illustrations
1.2 background or prior knowledge
1.3 morphology, syntax, phonics, knowledge of word relationships
1.4 knowledge of synonyms,antonyms, homophones.

High and low frequency

Comprehend key vocabulary words from the course book or to be selected from similar contexts or the contexts the HSSC and CIE students may be familiar.

Demonstrate control of tenses and sentence structure:  Use correct tenses and sentence structure in writing
Identify mistakes in the use of tenses and sentence structure in written texts
•All the present tenses
•All the past tenses
•Four types of sentences
•Types of clauses


  •  Use capitalization and punctuation such as semicolons, commas in a series,
    apostrophes in possessives, proper nouns, and abbreviations.
  • Avoid and identify the following punctuation The test items to be selected from the type of texts written by HSSC and CIE students and from the contexts common to both the streams correct use of writing conventions of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation to clarify the meaning mistakes in sentences or short written texts:
  1. Run-on sentences
  2. Comma splices
  3. Fragments
  4. Faulty coordination

Logical Reasoning Test Syllabus 2023

Logic based tests look at how well a candidate can study, complete, and analyses arguments in everyday language. The inquiries are supported by short justifications drawn from various sources. You must read and comprehend a brief excerpt for each logical thinking question before you can respond to a question about it. These inquiries are intended to test a variety of critical thinking abilities, with an emphasis on abilities.

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