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PIEAS Admission 2014 (PAEC Postgraduate Fellowships / IT Endowment Fund Scholarships)

Last Date of Form Submission : 5 May 2014,   Written Test Date: 14 June 2014

Information Leaflet [Adobe Acrobat File, 326KB]

Instructions for Online Application Submission

Online Application Form [Recommended, Processing Fee Rs. 1,500/- OR Rs. 1,800/-]

Print Duplicate Bank Challan Form
[Only for those students who have already submitted Online Application Form but need Duplicate Bank Challan Form]

Instructions for Printed Application Submission [Adobe Acrobat File, 22KB]

Application Form [Adobe Acrobat File, 122KB] [Processing Fee Rs. 2,000/- OR Rs. 2,300/-]

Bank Challan Form for Printed Application (Rs. 2,000/-) [Adobe Acrobat File, 36KB]

Bank Challan Form for Printed Application (Rs. 2,300/-) [Adobe Acrobat File, 36KB]

Copy of ABL Letter for No Service Charges for PIEAS Applicants [Adobe Acrobat File, 42KB]

Sample Paper for (MS) Engineers and Scientists [Adobe Acrobat File, 1842KB]

Sample Paper for (MS) MBBS Dotors [Adobe Acrobat File, 32KB]


Admission to only M Phil Computer Science program is available under this scholarship. The eligibility criterion for
this program is given above in section 4.  
The continuation of the scholarship is contingent upon satisfactory performance, which is adjudged at the end of
each semester.
The selected students will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 25, 000 during MPhil studies with the following benefits:
1.   Full Fee-waiver
2.   Free hostel / transport facility

At  the  time  of  joining  PIEAS,  fellows  have  to  pledge  a  bond  to  serve  the  country  for  5  years  after  graduation
otherwise they will have to pay the bond money as mentioned in the bond agreement.


Pakistan  Atomic  Energy  Commission  (PAEC)  is  a  multi-disciplinary  national  organization  engaged  in:
(i) development of nuclear power and fuel cycle facilities, (ii) research and development related to nuclear power
and applications of radioisotopes in agriculture, medicine and industry, (iii) production of special materials and
chemicals,  (iv) design  and  fabrication  of  sophisticated  components  and  complete  units,  (v) provision  of  highly
specialized  technical  services,  and  (vi) education  and  training  of  scientists,  engineers,  medical  doctors  and
technical staff in specific technical areas of interest.
To fulfil the manpower requirements of the wide variety of institutes, centres, projects and plants under PAEC, it
requires  outstanding  engineers,  scientists  and  medical  doctors  who  are  keen  to  enhance  their  technical
knowledge  even  further  by  pursuing  MS  and  MPhil  programs  in  their  relevant  fields  at  Pakistan  Institute  of
Engineering  and  Applied  Sciences,  (PIEAS)  Nilore,  Islamabad  and  achieve  a  level  of  excellence  in  their
subsequent professional careers.


Pakistan  Institute  of  Engineering  and  Applied  Sciences  (PIEAS)  is  a  multifaceted  educational  institution  with
academic and training programs being conducted at the highest level in a broad spectrum of disciplines. The
breadth of its course offerings is a reflection of the complexity and diversity of the programs of Pakistan Atomic
Energy Commission (PAEC), for which PIEAS has been the major human resource development centre since
PIEAS  has  been  conducting  postgraduate  degree  and  certificate  programs  for  scientists,  engineers,  medical
doctors  and  technicians  over  the  last  40  years.  The  educational  infrastructure  that  has  been  created  for  this
purpose  is now so extensive that, besides nuclear technology, the  institution can pass on to the  youth of the
nation, the experience in a wide range of specialized fields such as information technology, nuclear medicine,
medical physics, materials engineering, process engineering, systems engineering and laser technology.
Postgraduate  academic  programs  at  PIEAS  also  involve  R&D  works,  which  frequently  are  published  in
international and national journals, conference proceedings and technical reports.

PIEAS got adjudged as the best engineering institution in Pakistan by HEC in 2006, 2012 and 2013.

PIEAS  has  two  affiliated  institutes,  namely  Karachi  Institute  of  Power  Engineering  (KINPOE)  at  Karachi  and
National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) at Faisalabad.


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