Gov,t budget 2022-16 Salary increase News

Gov,t budget 2022-16 Salary increase Detail

Govt employees awaiting for the budget 2022-16 so that they can get the good news according to the pay or salary increase news.It is said that by the people that Nawaz Sharif govt not increase the salary for the govt employees but the Zardari govt increase the salary in the competition to the Nawaz govt.But we are seeing in the country that issues in the country are going to remove.

He explained that this year the government was trying to increase foreign currency reserves up to $20 billion.he also explain that Our objective is economic growth and job creation,” he said. “Every year, 1.5 million new jobs are needed, but the government alone cannot create so many jobs. It is trying to attract the private sector through incentives to increase investment.

Budget 2022-16 Salaries Increase up to 10 to 15 % of Govt Employees Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif of Government of Pakistan will be increase the salaries of the all departments nearabout 10 to 15%

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