(Ecp) Baldiyati Election Islamabad 30 Nov 2022 Result Online

(Ecp) Baldiyati Election Islambad 30 Nov 2022 Online Result

(Ecp) Baldiyati Election Islambad 30 Nov 2022 Online Result commission has so far received 75 complaints about polling process. None of the complaint was serious, he said. Voting for the local bodies elections in Islamabad started at 7:00 in the morning which will conclude at 5:00 in the evening.

A total number of 6,80,612 registered voters will exercise their right to vote in LB elections in the federal capital out of which 3,67,960 are male voters and 3,12,652 female voters.

According to a spokesman of Election Commission of Pakistan, 2,396 candidates are contesting for 550 seats in the federal capital of the country.

There are 50 Union councils which have 6 wards of each UC in Islamabad. All district Islamabad have 300 wards. 640 polling stations have been established in Islamabad Local Govt election 2022.

Detail of full result Islamabad election 2022 will be available after 05:30 PM. You must have in touch with pakword.com for Islamabad local bodies election 2022 30th Nov.

Here below is a list of Union Council wise result of election 2022 Islamabad. In this list you will find all parties which are going to participate positions UC wise Islamabad election 2022.Islamabad Capital of Pakistan LG Bodies 2022 Result


Islamabad Capital of Pakistan LG Bodies 2022 Result

Islamabad LG Election 2022 UC Wise Result
UC No Winning Candidates Name /Chairman/Vice Chairman/Councilors (P.T.I, PMLN, P.P.P, Independents)
UC No 1
UC No 2
UC No 3
UC No 4
UC No 5
UC No 6
UC No 7
UC No 8
UC No 9
UC No 10
UC No 11
UC No 12
UC No 13
UC No 14
UC No 15
UC No 16
UC No 17
UC No 18
UC No 19
UC No 20
UC No 21
UC No 22
UC No 23
UC No 24
UC No 25
UC No 26
UC No 27
UC No 28
UC No 29
UC No 30
UC No 31
UC No 32
UC No 33
UC No 34
UC No 35
UC No 36
UC No 37
UC No 38
UC No 39
UC No 40
UC No 41
UC No 42
UC No 43
UC No 44
UC No 45
UC No 46
UC No 47
UC No 48
UC No 49
UC No 50


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