Bise Swat 9th 10th Class 2022 Admission Form & Fee Schedule 2022 Announced

Swat Board 9th, 10th Class Form Submission Schedule 2022

Examination 2022 of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Saidu Sharif Swat will commence on Tuesday 15th March, 2022.

All SSC students who are in wait to Get their admission as a private Students and appear in the SSC annual exams 2022 they must now soon send their admission with due date otherwise they must pay double fee.Here is also shows us Fee schedules.

Examination Forms: Examination Admission Forms are available FREE OF COST from Store Section of
BISE Saidu Sharif Swat. Admission Forms complete in all respect may be submitted by hand within specified
dates or should be sent through registered post at least three days before the last date fixed for. Schedule for
receipt of Admission Forms along with Admission Fee in the Board’s Office is as under:

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CATEGORY With Normal Admission Fee Upto With Double Admission FeeUpto With Triple Admission Fee Upto
Regular 08-12-2022 08-01-2022 08-02-2022
Private 30-12-2022 30-01-2022 08-02-2022
1 9th REGULAR (SCIENCE) Admission Fee        Rs. 750/-Practical Fee           Rs. 120/-DMC Fee                  Rs. 200/-

Admission Form Fee Rs.    5/-

Total Fee Rs.1075/- Total Fee Rs.1825/- Total Fee Rs.2575/-
2 9th  REGULAR (ARTS)       Admission Fee        Rs.750/-DMC Fee            Rs. 200/-Admission Form Fee Rs   5/- Total Fee Rs.955/-Rs. 40/- Practical fee ( if any) Total Fee Rs.1705/-Rs.40/- Practical fee      (if any) Total Fee Rs.2455/-Rs.40/- Practical fee(if any)
3 9th  PRIVATE  (FRESH)     Admission Fee      Rs.800/-Enrollment Fee        Rs.150/-DMC Fee                  Rs.200/-

Admission Form Fee Rs.   5/-

Total Fee Rs.1155/- Total Fee Rs.1955/- Total Fee Rs.2755/-
4 9th  FAILED/REAPPEAR   Admission Fee      Rs .800/-DMC Fee             Rs. 200/-Admission Form Fee Rs.  5/- Total Fee Rs.1005/-Rs.40/- Practical fee(If any) Total Fee Rs.1805/-Rs.40/- Practical fee(if any) Total Fee Rs.2605/-Rs.40/- Practical fee( if any)
5 10th REGULAR (SCIENCE) Admission Fee      Rs850/-


Original Cert: Fee     Rs.300/-

Practical Fee           Rs. 120/-

DMC Fee                 Rs. 200/-

Admission Form Fee Rs.  5/- (+Rs.80/- per Failed subject of 9th ) Rs. 40/- per practical if any

Total Fee Rs.1475/- Total Fee Rs.2325/- Total Fee Rs.3175/-

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